Open for bids through June 15, 2019

New Event

Inside Track
USA Football’s inaugural summer Flag Football Nationals will play host to more than 200 teams from across the country in a competition to determine who the best flag teams are in the nation. This event will become an annual event hosted by USA Football. The event is expected to draw 150–200 teams, with 2,000 participants, 200 coaches and 2,500 spectators. USA Football is seeking 24-30 flag fields, each 70 yards by 30 yards, preferably with turf. (Three fields fit on a regular soccer field and two to four fields can fit on a football field depending on the width.) The ideal dates of the event are July 24–26, 2020, but USA Football will consider alternative dates in July 2020. Contact Elizabeth Faust with USA Football at (317) 614-7755.

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