Open for bids through June 1, 2019

Davenport, IA, 2019
Oklahoma City, OK, 2017–2018

Inside Track:
The NAIA Competitive Cheer and Dance National Championships requires floor space large enough to accommodate cheer matting and has theater- or arena-style seating for a minimum of 750 spectators. Cheer must have nine strips of carpeted matting equaling 42 feet by 54 feet. Dance should have a wood or marley floor with dimensions of 40 feet by 53 feet. The championships are expected to bring in 450 athletes and approximately 1,200 fans. Dates for the event are March 12–13, 2021, and March 11–12, 2022. Contact Hannah Harmon, NAIA championships manager, at (816) 595-8000 or

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