Open for bids through March 30, 2020.

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2020
Bermuda, 2019
Sarasota, FL, 2018
Puerto Vallarta, México, 2017
Barcelona, Spain, 2016

Inside Track

The World Sailing annual conference will be held October 23–31, 2021, and brings together up to 1,000 delegates each year to discuss the sport’s future strategy, as well as sharing best practices and generating new ideas. The conference creates significant local spend including approximately 1,500 hotel nights, local transport use, spend at restaurants and tourist activities. A decision on the 2021 host city will be made by the board by June 2020 and the host city will be invited to present at the 2020 Annual General Meeting in October in Abu Dhabi, UAE. For more information, email Rowena Farrugia, business operations manager, at

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