Spring is the season for renewal, so it’s a fitting time to be launching a new look for the digital presence of SportsTravel. If you haven’t been to SportsTravelMagazine.com in a while, it’s time for a visit. What you’ll find there is not only a fresh approach to our content, but several new features we believe will help better serve the sports-event industry.

One of the most exciting new updates there is the ability to search our vast array of content from the magazine and our website more easily than ever before. Want to look up coverage of a particular sport or a particular aspect of the sports-event industry? Now you can easily do that.

Another feature we’re excited to launch is a podcast series. For years, some of the best content in our magazine Q&A features have had to be trimmed due to space constraints. With our podcast, you can listen to the entirety of our in-depth interviews with leaders in the industry. Our Q&A with Oliver Luck is a great example. If the interview in print piques your interest, head over to the web to hear the full conversation in podcast form. And be sure to subscribe to the SportsTravel Podcast on your favorite platform so you don’t miss the many episodes to come.

That’s not all. You’ll also find a new approach to destination coverage with our destination guides, which will offer in-depth information on cities around the nation interested in hosting sports events.

Finally, you’ll  find a new downloadable guide we’ve created to help the industry understand the phenomenal growth in esports. If that growing area interests you, please download a copy of our guide. And better yet, make plans to be with us at the EsportsTravel Summit in Atlantic City, New Jersey, June 25-27. More information on that can be found at EsportsTravelSummit.com.

Change can be nerve-wracking, but it can also be exciting. When it comes to the changes in our digital presence, excitement is definitely the word. Join us here in print, online or however you prefer to get our stories, and be on the lookout for even more exciting changes to come.