Find A Way

A big congrats to TEAMS alum Diana Nyad on her triumph this weekend, completing a 110-mile swim from Cuba to Key West, Florida. Taking 53 hours, Nyad, 64, is the first person to make the swim without a shark cage. After four unsuccessful attempts, the fifth time was the charm as her mantra through her journey was “find a way.”

As a keynote speaker at the TEAMS ’12 Conference & Expo in Detroit, Nyad spoke on the importance of holding oneself accountable, despite success or failure, whether professionally or personally, and making the most out of every moment. “I didn’t win every race I entered,” she said. “But of every single minute, I can say ‘No stone left unturned.’ It’s not so easy to wake up every day and be the best mother, the best worker, the best citizen. But it’s up to you to say every night when you hit your pillow, ‘Could I have done any more?”

And she most certainly can. Her perseverance and dedication remind us all to never give
up on our goals!