SportsTravel caught up with U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun, who was attending the debut of rugby sevens at Deodoro Stadium, watching the U.S. women’s team lose a close match to Fiji in their opener. IOC President Thomas Bach was also in attendance. We had a chance to chat with Blackmun about the event and the start of the Games.

SportsTravel: This is rugby sevens’ debut at the Olympics. What do you think so far?

Scott Blackmun: It’s not only rugby’s debut but it’s a great opportunity for the United States. We’re seeded sixth and seventh in the men’s and the women’s competition and it’s fun to be able to be out here and support them and see the U.S. do well.

SportsTravel: Is this the first event you’ve seen so far?

Blackmun: It is. This is the first one I’ve seen. I brought my kids and we’re looking forward to a nice afternoon.

SportsTravel: What did you think of the Opening Ceremonies last night?

Blackmun: I was really proud of the team. We had almost 400 athletes march last night and everyone was on their best behavior and couldn’t be happier about the surroundings.

SportsTravel: Congratulations on the U.S. winning its first gold medal of the Games this morning (Ginny Thrasher, women’s 10-meter air rifle)…

Blackmun: Thank you. That was fun. You always win some you weren’t aware you’re going to win and lose some you thought you’d win, so we’re pleased.