Dear Event Doctor: The NFL instituted a new policy this past season limiting the size and type of bags spectators can carry into games. Our event doesn’t have as many spectators as an NFL game, but do we still need to be considering similar policies? How do we communicate and enforce such changes?  —Safe and Sound

Dear Safe: Repeat this mantra to yourself and others as often as you can: Safety is non-negotiable. This truth extends to how you design, plan and operate your event. The degree to which you develop your security protocols will not simply be based on the number of people attending. It will depend upon a host of factors, including your specific market and venue, the world condition at the time of the event, media exposure and more.

Most of all, listen to the advice of law enforcement and security professionals. They live in a world that we event organizers don’t, and it is sometimes a scary place. It is important for every event owner to assess for themselves—with help from their local law enforcement authorities—how deep their security plan must go to ensure the safety of their fans, participants and staff. They may be satisfied with visual inspections of bags, or they may order searches, pat-downs and a robust list of prohibited items.

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