It’s hard to go all the way to the Olympics and not come back with something. Organizers of course know this, which is why there are a few merchandise superstores around Pyeongchang, namely in the Olympic Parks.

The official mascot, Soohorang the white tiger, and the Paralympics mascot, Bandabi the black bear, are basically everywhere on products in the stores. A full-sized mascot will run about $25, with a package of both in slightly smaller versions worth about $40. (Compared to recent Olympics, those are actually decent prices…)

This being the Olympics, there are plenty of other products, from Lego-type constructions of the mascots themselves, to jewelry (also, of course, with the mascots involved), even a Pyeongchang 2018-themed, 11-piece nail-clipping set that will run you about $32. Another $12 or so, and you could have your very own coloring book of the Olympic venues.

The most curious item, at least for non-Koreans? That might be the Soohorang-themed “dried seaweed with tomato roasted and lightly salted.” We’re not so sure about tomatoes in a box. It may be hard to come home from the Olympics without getting something, but there are some things that are easier to pass on than others.