The United States Bowling Congress Open Championships will head to Las Vegas in 2022 with the South Point Bowling Plaza serving as the host venue for a two-year stint starting in 2021.

The event is the world’s largest participatory event with over 50,000 bowlers competing over a four-month period. The event was scheduled to be held in a new facility in Houston but because of business interruptions caused by COVID-19, the Harris County–Houston Sports Authority and USBC agreed it was not feasible for Houston to host the event in 2022. The partners also agreed that a new agreement for Houston to host in the future will be worked on, with the next available date in 2028.

“The USBC is an incredible partner and we are disappointed that we will not be able to host this prestigious event,’’ said Harris County–Houston Sports Authority CEO Janis Burke. “Our organizations put in years of planning on the building and event, but we hope to have a chance to host the USBC Open Championships in the future.’’

The Sports Authority planned to have a new building in North Houston completed by January 2022. Plans had been approved and was on schedule until economic disruption made the timeline unworkable.

“We continue to believe Houston is an ideal city for the Open Championships and the partnership with the Harris County–Houston Sports Authority has been strong through these unexpected challenges,” USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy said. “Thankfully, South Point in Las Vegas stepped up to provide their amazing venue for 2022, once again showing tremendous support for our tournament bowlers.”