The Bid Bowl, one of SportsTravel magazine’s most popular departments, is a forum for rights holders with events up for bid to reach sports-friendly cities interested in hosting their sporting events. Through the Bid Bowl, rights holders communicate their event requirements to potential host destinations throughout North America and abroad, and interested cities then contact the rights holders for fully detailed bid information and documents.

To submit your event for possible inclusion in an upcoming issue of SportsTravel, use the Bid Bowl Submission Form.

For pointers on how to compose your Bid Bowl listing, visit our Bidding Information page, or take a look at the current Bid Bowl from the most recent issue of SportsTravel magazine.

There are hundreds of cities throughout the United States and abroad that actively pursue sporting events for their communities. Finding the right destination for your sports event starts with identifying the cities that have the elements in place that you need for your event.

The Bid Bowl is here to help. Rather than spending time researching every destination in the country, sports event organizers can have basic information about their events printed in SportsTravel magazine, which is actively read by sports commissions and convention bureaus interested in hosting sporting events. If interested in your event, those sports commissions and convention bureaus will contact you, providing you with new opportunities and sites for your events.

The information most useful to cities that may be interested in your event includes:

Facilities: What size and what type of playing surface do you need? How many fields or courts? How much seating for spectators?
Event Staff: What do you require from the city in terms of personnel? Do you need highly qualified on-site event management personnel? Just volunteers? A mix of both?
Pre-event Staff: Will the hosts need to help generate local interest in your event? Will they be responsible for ticket sales?
Travel & Accommodations: How many out-of-town visitors does your event typically draw? Will an official hotel need to be designated, and, if so, what size room block do you require? Will shuttle or other transportation services be needed?
Funding: Who’s paying for what? Are local sponsorships vital to the event?
Media Coverage: What is the potential for regional, national or international media coverage of your event?
Intangibles: How will your event enhance the quality of life for the residents in the host city? Will hosting your event create a lasting impact for the city?

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