The International Esports Federation has signed a memorandum of understanding with the International School Sports Federation to work together on various projects and activities in the esports space.

The MOU will allow the organizations to combine on events promoting physical health among gamers in high schools with an aim of promoting physical activity and health among esports youths and balancing gaming with exercise and school.

“We strongly believe that this collaboration between IESF and ISF will achieve positive results for the benefit of youth in terms of entertainment, competition and health,” said Vlad Marinescu, the IESF president. “We hope that the achievements we reach together will be a good example not only for the youth but to all the gamers around the world. Our organizations have a rich history and a similar objective — to motivate youth to take part also in physical sport while having fun.”

“This is a historic step, which combines live sports with sports in a virtual setting,” said Laurent Petrynka, the ISF president who was recently reappointed to the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Education Commission. “We find this cooperation to be an innovative approach aiming to motivate the youth to get up, move and take care of their mental, physical, and social health. Together with IESF we are united in the Olympic spirit, a spirit of excellence, respect, and friendship, to build a new era of esports among students all over the world.”