Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau President Michael Carrier has issued a statement on the effects of the devastating tornado that destroyed much of Moore, Oklahoma, near Oklahoma City, on May 20:

“Our team is all safe and has suffered minimal damage. Our tourism infrastructure has also suffered minimal impact—and I’m thankful for that primarily because of the massive hotel room need we are experiencing right now. The full impact of the situation will not be known for several days as everyone’s focus changes from the immediate needs of rescue and reconnecting families to the longer term recovery and rebuilding,” said Carrier in the statement. “We are strong and we will recover as we have in every previous challenge. As we move forward we will be posting updates on our website visitokc.com. Our industry is responding as it always does to serve the needs that are present. Travel through OKC on I-40 and I-44 is normal. I-35 in the southern OKC Metro area is slow but open.”

To contribute to relief funds, Carrier recommended the American Red Cross as a “tremendous resource in these situations.”