Super League Gaming and Topgolf have partnered to bring amateur competitive video gaming events to Topgolf venues across the country. The program will begin this month in Las Vegas at the amateur esports company’s event series Super League Clash Nights.

Super League provides competitive video gamers with opportunities to experience their sport like the pros through in-person and digital events and leagues featuring games such as League of Legends, Minecraft and Clash Royale. The only national city-vs-city amateur esports league in the world, Super League transforms local movie theaters, PC cafes, restaurants and retail venues into esports arenas.

“Super League Gaming understands how to deliver great in-person experiences for mainstream competitive video gamers, a rapidly increasing segment of our customer base,” said YuChiang Cheng, president of Topgolf Media. “We love their inclusive vision and how they have established dedicated local communities in major markets with Topgolf venues. Together, we are creating a unique space for gamers to have a world-class, competitive and fun experience.”

With Super League Gaming as a live event and technology partner, Topgolf venues will host mobile- and console-based esports programs, ranging from single-location events to location-vs-location competitions and eventually to local, regional and national amateur leagues. The companies will integrate brand partners into the experiences and welcome third-party tournament organizers to run their own esports events at Topgolf using the Super League platform.

“Topgolf has established one of the most impressive experiential brands in the world and recognizes that esports can be a significant additional growth engine for their business,” said Matt Edelman, chief commercial officer of Super League Gaming. “We are honored to be their primary esports content partner and excited to collaborate with the Topgolf team to bring Super League events and our platform into their remarkable, expanding footprint.”

The announcement comes on the heels of the partnership between Topgolf and the TV brand TCL. Competitions in new TCL esports lounges currently being established in Topgolf venues will include simultaneous live streams and supporting video content running on SuperLeagueTV on Twitch, YouTube and other digital platforms.