There was a time when simply enjoying the competition of a live sporting event was enough to keep spectators engaged. In recent years, that has become even more challenging for sports organizations and venues alike. Fans expect more today from the experience than they did in years past. And companies like Xperiel are leading the new wave of spectator engagement, creating predictive games for fans in the arena and stadium and using augmented reality to help them play their own games within a game using the venue’s scoreboard. Those are just two examples and they’re already in place at NBA arenas and NFL stadiums. In this episode of the SportsTravel Podcast, Xperiel Co-Founder and CEO Alex Hertel explains how his company is changing the landscape for fans, what the future holds for the live-event experience and how you can catch a virtual T-shirt shot from a virtual cannon on the scoreboard—and get a real shirt delivered to you for your accomplishment.