At some point, something at your sports event is likely to go wrong. How you prepare for and respond to that inevitability will determine how your event is experienced and perceived by participants and spectators alike. For nearly 10 years, Frank Supovitz was senior vice president of events for the National Football League, responsible for all the league’s events including the Super Bowl. In that capacity, he saw all numbers of scenarios, including the unexpected blackout during the 2013 game in New Orleans. In a new book, “What to Do When Things Go Wrong,” Supovitz has put together a game plan for organizers and meeting planners of all kinds based on his own experiences, which also included 13 years organizing events for the National Hockey League. In this podcast, Supovitz discusses how event organizers can plan for the unexpected, how the NFL responded to some of its most challenging moments and how some of the league’s events have grown considerably over the years.