Dear Event Doctor:  Our event has used the same public address announcer for years. We’re wondering if it might be time for a change to add a little more excitement. Are there any do’s and don’ts when it comes to hiring an announcer?  —Voice of Reason

Dear Voice: In most cases, the function of a public address announcer is to be personal, but not a personality. What I mean is that the tone and timbre of the announcer’s voice should project professionalism, importance and enthusiasm. They take on the role of a narrator, in a sense, but are not the stars of the show. Their role should be to greet, inform and move the story of the event along.

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The Event Doctor is sports-event veteran Frank Supovitz, president and chief experience officer of Fast Traffic Events & Entertainment, an event management and consulting firm. From 1992 to 2014, Supovitz served as the senior event executive for the National Football League and National Hockey League. He is also the author of “The Sports Event Management and Marketing Playbook.” Questions for The Event Doctor can be emailed to Frank Supovitz at