The International Esports Federation and DLA+ Architecture & Interior Design have agreed to a partnership that will combine IESF’s global member network with DLA+’s esports venue planning and design experience, establishing guidelines for the design of esports venues. The agreement also makes DLA+ an exclusive certifying agency for esports facilities and official advisor to the IESF.

The guidelines will define spatial and technical requirements for esports facilities and establish regulations and procedures for venue certification. The focus is to satisfy the needs of fans, players, media and operators, as well as identify requirements to promote efficient, functional and safe environments for events. The processes will include qualifications, requirements, testing and evaluation methods, schedule, documentation and fees based on each classification of the esports facilities.

“The DLA+ IESF partnership will explore the unique characteristics of esports activities and environments, both technical and physical, and leverage those qualities to promote this fast-growing sport,” said Sung Jung, DLA+ associate and sports practice leader.Our goal is to ensure that all esports venues provide the conditions necessary for high-quality competition, production and presentation of esports games and events, both in-venue and through various forms of media.”

The partnership and guidelines come as global esports revenue is expected to grow to roughly $1.2 billion in 2021.

“We at IESF are excited to provide our members with the esports venue standardization guidelines to aid them in their consideration and design of esports facilities for fans and players,” IESF President Vlad Marinescu said. “The guidelines will be a significant resource for our global members and will also help our efforts creating an international standardization in various disciplines alongside the stakeholders of the esports ecosystem.”