The International Drone Racing Association has announced that Miracle Flights will serve as the official charitable partner for its 2018 Drone Racing Series and 2018 Challengers Cup. Founded in 1985, Miracle Flights is a nonprofit health and welfare flight organization that provides free commercial air transportation to critically ill children in need of medical care. The organization has provided more than 114,000 free flights to help children with rare and life-threatening conditions gain access to specialized medical care out of state.

“Miracle Flights is an amazing nonprofit organization that provides thousands of flights to children from all over the world,” said Justin Haggerty, president and CEO of the International Drone Racing Association. “It is our pleasure at IDRA to work with Miracle Flights as our official charitable partner. I hope the partnership bares many fruits and gives our drone community the chance to help a child in need.”

Under the new partnership, the International Drone Racing Association plans to use professional and semi-professional drone races as a new medium to promote Miracle Flights and raise donations from sponsors and the drone community. There are approximately 100 drone competitions in the United States annually and 200 worldwide.

“IDRA has engaged an incredible community of individuals across the country and around the world,” said Miracle Flights CEO Mark Brown. “To have them partner with us in our mission to improve access to healthcare for seriously ill children is a true honor. We look forward to everything we can accomplish—and the lives we can change—together.”

The 2018 Drone Racing Series begins with the Utrecht Internationals in the Netherlands March 31. The 2018 Challengers Cup kicked off in Phoenix, Arizona, on February 22; the next race will be held March 24 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.