A task force launched by World Athletics in partnership with medical professionals and five other international federations has adopted a new risk assessment and mitigation tool for organizers of endurance sports.

The Outbreak Prevention Taskforce, which also includes support from the International Institute for Race Medicine, received input from leaders of the International Cycling Union, World Triathlon, International Ski Federation, World Rowing, the International Paralympic Committee and the World Health Organization expert group on mass gatherings. The WHO and the International Olympic Committee also attended as observers, and an advisory group including event organizers and stakeholders from other endurance sports was also consulted.

The new tool for event organizers is derived from the WHO’s general advice for mass gatherings and is intended to help assess the risk of staging an event. It is also designed to establish the preparedness of the community and an event organization for the risks of COVID-19, and clarify any steps to further mitigate and reduce that risk.

“Using the tool will not solve the COVID-19 outbreak, or other infectious diseases, but it will guide event organizers through a process that should become a habit and should be done before every event,” said Dr. Paolo Emilio Adami, World Athletics’ medical manager. “There will never be zero risk for infectious diseases but we want to help event organizers to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.”

To access the guide, click here.