Dear Event Doctor: What do you consider the key components of a successful hospitality program? We are planning one main tent at our event but are struggling with exactly who should be—and who will expect to be—invited. Should it be open just to sponsors? What services should we be providing? —Thanks for the Hospitality

Dear Hospitality:  There is no one-size-fits-all solution to an event’s hospitality strategy. The answer depends on the objectives of the event and your organization. While sponsors are indeed the typical invitees to a hospitality pavilion, how many passes you provide depends on the situation. Are you hosting only the guests who are most important to you, or are you also providing hospitality to guests who are the most important to your sponsors?

Many sponsors become involved with events to provide a premium entertainment experience to their own customers, clients, distributors and dealers. Those who are not hosting their own exclusive, stand-alone hospitality area on-site will be looking to you to provide it, whether as a feature included in their sponsor entitlements or on an at-cost basis.

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