A 42-year-old Texas man committed suicide in the infield during the NRA 500 NASCAR race, a race that was met with controversy earlier this year when the National Rifle Association became the title sponsor. A Fort Worth Police Department spokesman told reporters after the event that the man was involved in a verbal dispute shortly before the incident.

The NRA became the title sponsor of the race in March. NASCAR officials at the time said that the sponsorship fell within their rules and that such sponsorships are between the tracks and the potential partners. But before the weekend’s race, NASCAR said it would re-examine its involvement in such deals in the future.

Following a tradition at the Texas Motor Speedway event, the winner is given a six-shooter to fire blanks in celebration. Race officials said before the event that they would meet with drivers and their sponsors to determine if the tradition would continue at this year’s race. Race winner Kyle Busch chose to honor the tradition following his victory.