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How Sports Venues Will Be Changed by COVID-19

As operators of stadiums and arenas confront the impact of COVID-19, they are facing a precarious financial situation that goes beyond box office revenues. The general economic recession will continue to reduce speculation in capital expenditures in these facilities. Widespread unemployment may also reduce the disposable income for many spectators who normally attend events. So Continue Reading

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How to Coach Players During COVID-19

To win games, the head coach creates a playbook determined by player attributes. Being increasingly cognizant of the mindset of each player is more relevant than ever for coaches to have success. As the sports landscape braces for the prospect of little or no fan attendance when events return, this makes the sensitivity to player Continue Reading

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US–Super Bowl-Power Outage

7 Checks to Make on Your Event Power Supply

A perfectly planned sporting event can mean years of preparation for athletes, millions of dollars invested in venues and event promotion, countless hours planning for the big day, a well-trained event crew focused on execution and thousands of spectators charged up for the thrill of victory. And it takes just one power-related problem to upend the whole show. Event organizers must assemble many Continue Reading

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WiFi Service for Sports Venues: 4 Things You Must Know

NASCAR recently announced that it is partnering with Verizon to upgrade wireless connectivity at 12 of its racetracks. In announcing the move, Craig Neeb, the executive vice president and chief innovation officer at NASCAR, said, “Partnering with Verizon will offer fans the benefits of reliable in-venue connectivity as we usher in a new era for Continue Reading

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Twins Target Field Security

Security at Smaller Events

When we think of event security, we often picture large-scale gatherings at massive stadiums or venues. Robust security measures are evident at international events such as the Olympic Games and the Rugby World Cup or at concerts at major arenas. However, small events can still pose a significant security risk. Local sporting events, in particular, Continue Reading

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Boston Marathon Bombing Photo Gallery

Protecting Your Events and Preparing for Uncertainty

In today’s uncertain world, event organizers and host cities find themselves operating in complex multi-stakeholder environments. Among the challenges they may face are homegrown violent extremism, cyber-criminal attacks on data and IT networks, event cancellations due to severe weather, and oversaturated calendars offering competing events that visitors may choose. Within this uncertain environment, how can Continue Reading

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AI technology can allow a competition to be streamed virtually anywhere without the need of a camera operator at the venue.

Being There Without Being There

In today’s world, access to content when and where you want it is proving to be king—and nothing embodies that more than the sports industry. Consumers desire high-quality content in the palm of their hand and for many of their favorite sports teams, that has quickly become regularly available through television subscriptions or streaming services. Continue Reading

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Super Bowl Football
When football fans flooded the train system after Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey, the NFL had to adjust. Photo: AP Images/Matt Rourke

The Law of Unintended Consequences

Readers of SportsTravel work as the master planners of some of the world’s great sports events. We are the host-city strategists who can prepare the resources of the community to meet the needs of the most demanding event organizers. We are the marketers, coaches, leaders, tacticians, contractors and change agents responsible for serving our sports, growing Continue Reading

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