From left: Susan Baughman, Kari Watkins, Marissa Werner and Don Dukemineer discuss the challenges that organizers face when trying to fill volunteer positions for large events. Photo by Jared Wickerham

TEAMS ’22: The Volunteer Challenge Details How Destinations Recruit Help

Volunteer help is the lifeline for any destination hosting a major event and for the event organizer bringing their event to a destination. Without volunteers, there may not be a sports event in the country that could go off without a hitch. But in some places around the country, what was a vast volunteer database […]

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Sports ETA Approves New Board Members, Changes Bylaws

Members of the Sports Event and Tourism Association elected a new board at the first annual membership meeting held since the start of the pandemic. Members also adopted several new bylaw changes that will give more equal benefits to rights holder and industry partner members, and created a new individual membership category. The annual meeting […]

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