The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee has unveiled new brand marks and identities for U.S. Paralympics Cycling, U.S. Paralympics Swimming and U.S. Paralympics Track & Field—the three Paralympic summer sports managed by U.S. Paralympics. According to the USOPC, the new visual identities are designed to create unique identities for each sport and to raise awareness of Paralympic sports nationwide.

“Awareness of the Paralympic Movement has grown tremendously in the U.S. over the past few years, and these marks are going to help elevate each of these sports in new ways,” said Julie Dussliere, chief of Paralympic sport. “With the sports having their own look and feel, we will be able to better market the sport to fans, introduce the sport to new athletes and celebrate the accomplishments of the athletes from each sport.”

While the marks for each sport are unique, they each share similar elements through the use of color, shield and stars. Each mark features a visual representation of the sport, a different accent color and a specific font.

“We are very excited to have our own visual identity with a unique look and feel,” said Ian Lawless, director of U.S. Paralympics Cycling. “With the growth of para-cycling in the U.S., it is important to us to have an iconic mark that people can identify with. Our logo speaks to the classic heritage of our sport, while conveying the pursuit of a finish line on the horizon that speaks to our athletes on all types of bikes, both on the road and the track.”

U.S. Paralympics plans to unveil new marks for the winter sports under its management later in 2019. The new looks were created by Colorado Springs-based Axio Design.