The Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) and the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) have signed a landmark agreement to share the organization of the World Beach Games after the 2019 edition, which is scheduled to take place in San Diego. The inaugural World Games Beach Games will comprise 15 sports spanning 17 disciplines.

“We are delighted to have reached this agreement to work in partnership with ANOC to ensure a bright future for the World Beach Games,” said GAISF President Patrick Baumann. “Beach sports continue to grow in popularity and prominence, and the partnership will ensure that GAISF continues to fulfil its role of providing showcase events for our member federations, promoting new disciplines and bringing the expertise from all international federations to the table.”

ANOC and GAISF will form a 50-50 partnership to run the World Beach Games through a jointly held event company registered in Switzerland. The company will be run by a board consisting of an equal number of members from GAISF and ANOC, with a presidency that will rotate between the two stakeholders. ANOC will lead the company during the first four-year term, and GAISF will propose the company’s managing director.

“We are very excited by the huge potential of the World Beach Games,” ANOC President Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al-Sabah said. “Working with the national Olympic committees and international federations we want to reach the next generation of sports fans by creating a sustainable event, which will unite the Olympic family and excite young audiences all around the world.”

Following the ANOC-organized games in 2019, the World Beach Games will be held every two years with a sports program determined in agreement with the International Olympic Committee. In principle, no Olympic events will be in included in future World Beach Games.

The 2019 World Beach Games is scheduled for October 10–15 in South Mission Beach at three stadiums. The projected attendance is 400,000 people. The 17 disciplines include beach soccer, volleyball, wrestling, handball, karate; surfing and standup paddling; waterskiing and wakeboarding; 3-on-3 basketball; BMX cycling; kite surfing; aquatics (swimming); doubles tennis; park skateboard; sport climbing and bouldering; and duathlon (running and swimming).